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The Guided Retirement Show

Aug 17, 2021

As he was caring for his mother, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dr. Alan Molk had an epiphany. He realized that there were so many people in the world with incurable diseases, no chance at recovery, and no opportunity to talk about their condition. He has been spreading awareness by sharing what he’s learned ever since.

Dr. Molk has been an emergency room physician for 40 years. He’s the author of Saving Lives. Saving Dignity: A Unique End-of-Life Perspective From Two Emergency Physicians, an immigrant to the United States, and someone who has dedicated his life helping others. 

In today’s conversation, Dr. Molk and I talk about the unintended consequences of the incredible medical innovations developed over the last several decades. We discuss the growing need for palliative care (and what makes it different from hospice care), and why planning for healthcare emergencies of all kinds is a vital part of any retirement plan.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why the obesity and diabetes epidemics are leading to so many health problems and poor quality of life in Americans.
  • How drug manufacturers can benefit from unsustainable and sometimes painful medical treatments.
  • Why palliative care is the precursor to hospice care–and how a family can be involved.
  • Resources you can use to start tough conversations within your family when you need them.
  • Dr. Molk’s views on the COVID-19 crisis–and what he learned from his horrific experiences navigating tragedy.

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