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The Guided Retirement Show

Aug 31, 2021

Lots of people think that they should start claiming their Social Security on the same day that they retire. However, there’s ample evidence proving otherwise–and when (and how) you choose to take your Social Security can have a big impact on your retirement.

To discuss this, we’ve brought Marc Kiner and Jim Blair back to the podcast. Jim worked for the Social Security Administration for 35 years before he teamed up with Marc, and they now work together to help people determine exactly when to file in order to maximize their benefits.

In this episode, we explore the many different options retirees have when it comes to claiming Social Security. We get into how Social Security is taxed, why different types of retirement income don’t play nice together, and how to put a stop to preventable losses and make the most of this extraordinarily complex program.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why there are over 600 different iterations to claim Social Security for the average 62-year-old–and why some of these strategies can help you take home as much as an additional $100,000 in lifetime income.
  • Why so many financial advisors don’t understand how Social Security actually works.
  • The reason so many men should wait until age 70 to maximize their benefits.
  • Why Social Security checks become stagnant when retirees reach Medicare age.
  • The surprising reason you may not want to claim your Social Security benefits online.

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